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Contribute to GermanPedia

To reach the goal of creating a Wikipedia for foreigners to succeed in Germany, we need your support in the form of high-quality informational articles and guides on life in Germany. 

How can I submit an article to GermanPedia?

We welcome posts from everyone in any category. The only prerequisite is that the article provides value to the Expats living in Germany. 

To submit a draft, send your work as a Word document to our Editorial team at 

We will reply to you within 3 days.

Article formatting tips and guidelines

  • Structure your article to create a flow for the reader

  • Ask yourself what value reader will get after reading this article

  • Consider adding "Key Takeaways" in the beginning to catch readers' attention. You can add 4 to 6 key takeaways from your article here.

  • Adding a "Table of Contents" is the best way for the reader to identify whether this article answers the questions they are looking for. The table of contents comprises your headings and sub-headings.

  • Add headings and sub-headings to make it easier for the reader to scan the article.

  • Do not write big paragraphs, which makes reading on a smartphone difficult. Instead, your paragraph should consist of 2 to 3 lines.

  • Write short sentences to make it easier for the reader to process information.

You can also earn by submitting to GermanPedia

Contributing high-quality content takes time and effort. We understand that and compensate writers for their work. The amount depends on the article and its length. 

The minimum amount we pay is 10 € per 1000 words.

On top of it, there are many ways to earn a side income. Some of them are.

  • Using affiliate links to earn passive income

  • Using the websites like "Buy me a Coffee" or "Kofi" to allow readers to thank you for your contribution

So, you can also use them in the articles you submit.

This way, you not only contribute and help fellow Expats in Germany but also earn a side income.

By submitting an article to GermanPedia, you agree to our terms and conditions. GermanPedia reserves the right to modify or delete the article without notice or informing the Author.

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