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Cheap Train Travel in Germany: 6 Uncomfortable Facts About FlixTrain

Which train to choose for traveling long distances in Germany? FlixTrain vs ICE vs Deutsche Bahn

A girl in yellow dress walking on a railway platform in Germany
A girl in a yellow dress walking on a German railway platform

You like to travel on a budget or are low on funds. FlixTrain may seem like your knight in shiny armor.

It's the cheapest and the fastest available option. But, don't get blinded by its incredible price.

Here are the six factors to consider before you travel via FlixTrain.

#1 FlixTrain is seldom on time

It is very common for FlixTrain to be late by 2 to 3 hours. Sometimes, FlixBus cancels the train altogether if it's empty.

So, plan your trip accordingly.

#2 You have to wear an FFP2 mask inside the FlixTrain the entire journey

During the Corona times, you must wear an FFP2 mask throughout your journey. It is for your's and other passengers' safety.

Some may find it challenging to wear a mask on a 6-hour journey during summers.

#3 It's freaking hot to travel in FlixTrain during summers

FlixTrain does not have air conditioning. Thus, the train is very hot during summer.

Thanks to the heat, you won't have the best travel experience. So, I recommend you carry a small fan that runs on a battery to make your journey a bit comfortable.

#4 You may damage your ears thanks to loud wind noise inside the FlixTrain

No air conditioning on FlixTrain leaves you only one option to survive the summer heat. That is to open the windows.

Once you open the windows, you get loud noise complementary with air.

The noise gets worse when the train enters the tunnels. You may even experience severe pain in your ears till the train is in a tunnel.

So, carry earplugs on your journey to save yourself from excruciating pain.

#5 You can't buy food or water on FlixTrain

A long journey is tiring. But traveling empty stomach with no access to food and water can make you miserable.

Hence, carry enough food and water to survive your time on FlixTrain.

#6 There are no sockets to charge your phone or laptop on FlixTrain

Your phone may die anytime, and you are looking for a charging point. Well, you won't find any on the FlixTrain.

Thus, carry a power bank if you are traveling long distances. Or don't use your phone.

#7 FlixTrain is a cheap mode of travel

The only pro of traveling in FlixTrain is that it is cheap. But, it charges you for your precious time and comfort.

In the end

It's about expectation management. You should know what price you have to pay to travel via FlixTrain.

Of course, ICE is Germany's most comfortable and fastest mode of travel on land. But, it costs 2 to 3 times more than the cost of FlixTrain.

However, If you can plan your travel well before a month or two, you may get a cheaper ICE ticket.

Now you are well prepared to travel via FlixTrain. I wish you a safe and fun trip.

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