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18 Beer Festivals in Germany [Beer Festivals To Visit in 2023]

Updated: Nov 16

Germany is the place to experience beer while having loads of fun. Visit these German beer festivals while you are in Germany.

A German waitress caring beer mugs in a German beer festival.
1 liter beer mugs carried by a waitress in a German beer festival

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#1 Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest, largest beer festival in Germany

Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in Germany, considering the number of people visiting it every year and the amount of beer consumption.

  • Official website:

  • Date: 16.09 to 03.10.2023 (

  • City: Munich, Germany

  • Number of people: 6.3 million visitors (Source:

#2 Starkbierfest

#3 Stuttgart Beer Festival (Cannstatter Wasen)

Cannstatter Wasen Germany, second largest beer festival Germany

Cannstatter Wasen is the second largest beer festival in Germany, based on the number of people visiting it every year.

#4 Gäubodenvolksfest

#5 Bergkirchweih

#6 Hamburg DOM

Hamburg DOM, one of the largest beer festival in Germany

  • Official website:

  • Date: It occurs 3 times a year Winterdom: 10.11 to 10.12.2023 Frühlingsdom (Springdom): 24.03 to 23.04.2023 Sommerdom (Summerdom): 21.07 to 20.08.2023

  • City: Hamburg, Germany

  • Number of people: 1.2 million people visited Hamburgdom this spring. (Source:

#7 Freimarkt (Ischa Freimaak)

  • Official website:

  • Date: 13.10 to 30.11.2023

  • City: Bremen, Germany

  • Number of people: 1.2 million people visited Hamburgdom this spring. (Source:

#8 Oktoberfests in Berlin

Several mini Oktoberfests take place in Berlin. Breweries in Berlin host these wonderful festivals for beer lovers.

#9 International Berlin Beer Festival

#10 Kulmbach Beer Week (Kulmbacher Bierwoche)

#11 Regensburg Dult

  • Official website:

  • Date: It occurs twice every year Maidult Regensburg: 13.05 to 29.05.2023 Herbstdult Regensburg: 25.08. to 10.09.2023

  • City: Regensburg, Germany

  • Number of people: 800k people (Source: Wochenblatt)

#12 Nuremberg's Frühlingsfest

Nuremberg's Frühlingsfest, third-largest beer festival in Germany

Nuremberg's Frühlingsfest is the third-largest beer festival in Germany. Every year, 2 million people come here to enjoy beer and the beautiful city.

#13 Annafest Forchheim

#14 Fränkisches Kirschenfest Pretzfeld

#15 Walberlafest

  • Official website:

  • Date: It was canceled in 2022 due to concerns about the Corona pandemic. Otherwise, it occurs yearly in the first week of May. 05.05 to 07.05.2023

  • City: Walberla, Germany

#16 Mendiger Gambrinusfest

#17 Honky Tonk Kneipenfestival

18 different German cities celebrate Honky Tonk festivals on different dates.

  • Official website:

  • Date: The festival occurs in the following months; Jan, Feb, March, April, May, Sept, Oct, and Nov

  • City: Bad Lauterberg, Villach, Weiz, Höxter, Poppenhausen, Leipzig, Rheine, Wolfsburg, Gifhorn, Braunschweig, Goslar, Bad Salzuflen, Paderborn, Schwerin, Wismar, Eisenach, Stralsund, Peine, Celle, Mühlhausen, Rostock


Beer festivals organized by breweries in Germany

Each brewery organizes its own beer festivals throughout the year. You can find the schedule of such beer festivals in Germany on Beer Universum (German).


What are the largest beer festivals in Germany?

Oktoberfest, Stuttgart Beer Festival (Cannstatter Wasen), and Nuremberg's Frühlingsfest are the top three most visited beer festivals in Germany.

Every year, millions of visitors enjoy several mugs of beer here. Volk music, big tents, and happy faces make the beer festivals in Germany a must-visit.



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