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About Us

Don't just settle in Germany, but thrive in Germany

Everyone seeks a better and more fulfilling life for themselves and their families. While pursuing it, we even decide to move to a new country to fulfill our dreams.


Leaving your home and loved ones behind is tough for most people. On top of it, making your way in a country where you don't speak the common language and know nothing about it makes it even scarier. This is why we founded "Germanpedia" to make your journey as an Expat to succeed in Germany simple, easy, and cost-effective.   

Our goal is to help expats understand German culture, bureaucracy, and laws so that they can integrate and start their life in Germany as fast as possible. But we don't want to stop there. We want you to thrive in Germany.

We share high-quality, well-researched guides on German culture, investing, taxes, start-ups, jobs, education, parenting, and much more to achieve this goal. 

We are Wikipedia for foreigners to succeed in Germany.

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